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We recycled 26 bottles for this Backk! Recycled PET (rPET) is made from plastic bottles used by the consumer. The plastic bottles are collected through various channels, cleaned and then crushed into small plastic balls. From these small balls a new polyester yarn is spun. These yarns are used for weaving rPet fabric. The advantage of rPet is that no new polyester is made, whereby raw materials and energy is consumed and emissions take place. The use of rPET therefore ensures a strongly reduced CO2 footprint (carbon footprint) and a reduction of waste. This way we keep our oceans cleaner!



The boards are made of bamboo. Bamboo grows quickly and is an inexhaustible raw material. It grows so fast that it can be harvested every 4 to 5 years. Therefore it is possible to harvest 25% of the bamboo forest without the forest being lost. During growth, bamboo absorbs 5x more CO2. As a result, even after processing and transport, bamboo is much better for the environment than, for example, hardwood. In addition, bamboo is extremely light and strong, making it perfect for use in Backk!


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